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a group of domestic leftists. the bomber killed himself and an embassy god and wounded at least one other person. interior ministry guma said he put his hand inside his clothes and set off an explosive device a as the guard approached.
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it belonged to a leftist group that launched terrorist groups on police. nato leaders have deployed military in turkey in case of an attack from syria. some analysts say the leftists may have planned the syria bombing to show their opposition. police in northwestern pakistan are investigating what they say was a suicide bombing outside a shiite mosque. they say the blast killed at least 25 people and wounded more than 50. police say the bomber struck while they gathered for friday prayers. most of the deaths was in country's minority sect. terror attacks in pakistan shiites are on the rise. attackers killed more than 400 last year. people in the united states are looking at their country's
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latest unemployment statistics and wondering what they say about their economy as a whole. revised numbers for 2012 are offering encouragement, but the data for january suggests more challenges lie ahead. u.s. labor department spokespersons say the unemployment rate for january edged up to 7.9%. it was 7.8% in the previous month. it stayed below 8% for five straight months. american employers added 157,000 jobs in the non-farm sector. analysts had expected 180,000. employment in the retail sector rose by 33,000. transportation in warehousing shed about 14,000 jobs. the latest u.s. labor report shows employers added more jobs in 2012 than previously estimated, but economists are also focusing on the weaknesses the january data exposed.
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here's the chief economist from the daiwa capital markets america. >> on the positive side, there were no upward revisions to pass job data on job growth. if you look at the data for 2012, we are now looking at 180,000 jobs per month rather than an average of 153,000 per month. that's a noeshl upward revision, and it shows that the labor market stronger than we thought it was previously. on the disappointing side, though, for the month of january, we did not have this same strong job growth. job growth came in at 157,000, which is a little bit lighter than what we had on average during 2012 and was below the average that we had in the fourth quarter of the year. if you look at the detail by industry, the construction sector did well, but other areas showed only moderate growth or even soft growth in some cases. also on the disappointing side,
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we saw an increase in the unemployment rate. the employment change as measured by the household survey was very light. in fact, it showed a drop in the most recent month. and because of that we had an increase in the unemployment rate. it moved from 7.8 to 7.9. so back upward revisions were good, but on the negative side, the january results were not as favorable as we saw during 2012. president obama has not announced any new initiatives to promote job growth in the united states, and i suspect he will not be announcing any new plans in the near term. if you look at his inaugural address, he seems to be more interested in other issues at this time rather than job creation. for example, he emphasized immigration reform, and he emphasized trying to develop new energy sectors of the economy. so i suspect he'll be focusing on these items rather than directly creating new jobs. >> now, the job market in the
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eurozone shows no sign of improving. europe union officials show the jobless rate in december was stuck at a record high. the officials say unemployment was 11.7% for the third month in a row. jobs are especiallycarce in countries whose leaders have taken austerity measures in return for bailouts from the eu and the imf. the highest unemployment rise was 26.1% in spain, followed by 16.5% in portugal, and 14.7 in ireland. eu officials announced greece's jobless rate for october. they said it was up .6 of a point on the month at 26.8%. officials appeared to have the eurozone debt crisis under control, but they say there's no sign of an improvement in the job situation.
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people in southwestern japan are planning to do more to track an unwanted import from china. air pollution from the world's second largest economy is on the move. officials in schuylkill city are adding equipment so they can raise levels and warn residents. air pollution in beijing and other parts of china remains a health concern. industrial emissions have been pumping something known as fine particularate matter into the air. these tiny particles can cause asthma and bronchitis. their amount in the china capital is 20 times higher than in tokyo. residents of schuylkill city have voiced concern about the health risks. the city already has six
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commanding posts. they plan to set up three more in different locations. they plan to help fix it when they learn standards. they will warn residents when levels exceed safety limits. schuylkill residents say they are the first in japan to start forecasting air pollution forced by circumstances coming from japan to china. a decision to designate the japanese eel an endangererred species plans to take away one of the main meals. the eel is in sharp decline. it has dropped over 50% in the past ten years. experts blame overfishing and water pollution. that's why the environment ministry decided to add the fish to its red list of threatened
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species. but the designation is not legally binding. it does not restrict fishing or trading of eels. >> translator: eel is an indispensable part of japanese culinary culture. we pledge all-out efforts to conserve the fish. >> experts say the country should do more to conserve eels. university of tokyo professor says japan skuconsumes 70% of t world's eel catch. he said japan must take long-term conservation measures to stop the species from becoming extinct. here's your three-day weather forecast.
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that concludes this edition of "newsline." i'm keiko kitigawa in tokyo. thank you for joining us.
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